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Gina Carano American Gladiators Crush

Gina Carano American Gladiators Crush

Gina Carano at the American Gladiators show is playing the role of Crush.

Other Gladiators on the latest season of the show are celebrities like Leila Ali and Hulk Hogan.

Gina Carano is an EliteXC fighter who is well-known for her great looks, her fighting skills and her specialty Muay Thai kick Boxing.

Her records:
Muay Thai fighting: 12 wins 1 loss and 1 draw 4 TKO’s
MMA record: 2 wins, 0 loss 1TKO 1 KO

Gina Carano American Gladiators Crush by: The Funky Buddha

Powered by imdb. Gina Joy Carano was born under a tornado warning in Dallas, Texas, to parents Dana Joy (Cason) and Glenn Thomas Carano. Her father played for the Super Bowl Champion Dallas Cowboys as I find it amusing how people (particularly European Americans) feel they need to emphasize any Native American Ancestry. In this case, it is negligible. is and mixed martial artist and TV personality with incredible body. Her measurements are very athletic, she has wide shoulders, large natural s, flat belly and relatively narrow hips which makes her Tags: gina, carano, body, measurements, Gina Carano | Near- Gina Pos of , one of the test girls in movies and TV as well as one of the iest female fighters. There are few girls out there as and fun as Gin If you like tough strong women who could beat you up for saying a rong word, you’ll love . She’ll mess you up real good and look super at the same time.

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