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Behind My Back – heels and fishnets

Behind My Back – heels and fishnets

a terrific photo with a bit of a pin-up quality and a beautiful body, beautifully posed.

Awesome form, awesome photo, and the backdrop… excellent!

Photo: I sometimes wonder what makes gossip so interesting to some people.

Me personally, I’ve never had the urge to discuss someone’s private problems with another person, unless the person in question was engaged in our conversation and then I’m sure we wouldn’t talk of him/her in the third person.

But I simply get a fit, when I’m the one being gossip-ed about. Is your life so boring that you have to evaluate mine? I can tell you, it’s not that entertaining. In fact it’s quite boring.

I guess, others see that differently… people need to get a life…

Behind My Back – heels and fishnets

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