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Kelly Brook making waves

Kelly Brook making waves

Kelly Brook

In 2005 she appeared in the Philippe Vidal film House of 9, a thriller about nine seemingly unconnected strangers captured and locked in a house together. The people are forced to compete against one another, in order to survive.

She recently starred in a Marple drama on ITV. She caused a minor controversy over her most recent film Survival Island (previously known as Three), in which she co-starred with fiancé Zane, when Brook and Zane requested her nude scenes be excised from the final cut, which the producers refused to do.

In 2007 she will be seen as a guest star in the British television drama Hotel Babylon, the independent films In the Mood and Fishtales and Carry on London, the latest in the Carry on series
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Kelly Brook and s galleries, often updated with new and Kelly Brook pictures and clips Daily reviewed Kelly Brook and vids New Kelly Brook Pic Galleries Jan 13 2017 Kelly Brook bombastic s & looked absolutely sensational in a teal bell-sleeved dress when she appeared on Lorraine on Friday morning to talk about the latest fashion trends. Tags: kelly, brook, slammed, being, Kelly Brook Steals The Show still managed to steal the show at this year’s National Television Awards, and has send Twitter into a frenzy over the models We're delighted to announce that model, actress, fashion designer and TV presenter will be her debut as guest fashion editor on Lorraine

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