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Kyla Ebbert bares all for Playboy – almost..

Kyla Ebbert bares almost all in an online pictorial and video feature for Playboy: view photos and video on: Kyla Ebbert on Playboy (photo spread titled Legs in the Air)

The 23 year old blondie turned model boarded a flight at San Diego’s Lindberg Field on July 3 when a Southwest employee asked her to change her outfit – a miniskirt, a sweater over a tank-top, and high heels – or get off the plane flying to Tucson.

Kyla didn’t have any other clothes to change into because she was returning the same day.

After she adjusted her clothes to cover herself up more they let Kyla take the flight.

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Thankfully, there were no incidents when Kyla flew American to Chicago for her Playboy shoot. Kyla says her whole experience posing for Playboy was a dream come true. “I’ve wanted to do it since I turned 18,” she says. “The Playboy shoot was amazing.” (On playboy)

Kyla Ebbert - Find news stories, facts, pictures and about Kyla Ebbert - Page 1 | Newser . Trending News. Woman nearly kicked off flight bares all Kyla Ebbert bares all for - almost.., kicked off Babe Peels Off Her Lingerie Tags: babe, kyla, ebbert, peels, Southwest Passenger Asked to Change If the prim Southwest Airlines employee who told to adjust her revealing outfit bee getting on board meant the 23 year old college 's airline stewardess is so ing . I wish she was on my flight so I could rub up against her fine body in some

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