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Teyana Taylor

Teyana Taylor

Teyana Taylor, (Pharrell’s Star Trak) was covering the last issue of Trace Magazine.

Many of you know Teyana from an episode of MTV s Sweet sixteen.

Lyrics: Teyana Taylor – Boy You And Me and Really Got It Bad you can find easily

About her look she says:

I always stood out as far as dressing, I like to look different and people know me for that. My look is a mix of old-school hip-hop and skater.

Photo: Up and coming artist Teyana Taylor, AKA “Princess of Star Trak.”

Teyana Taylor by: The Cocoa Lounge

Iman Shumpert's smokin' wife, Teyana Taylor , lit up New York Fashion Week droppin' low for a catwalk dance that put basic supermodels Teyana Taylor closes the GCDS show at New York Fashion Week with the fiercest walk. , the star of Kanye West's new "Fade" , is someone you should already know about. Here's why. Tags: teyana, taylor, star, kanye, ‘Hit The Floor’: Teyana Taylor Actress-singer-dancer has been cast in cheerleader drama 'Hit the Floor,' which is moving from VH1 to BET for Season 4 in 2018. brought some much needed energy to New York Fashion Week by rethinking the runway walk.

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