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Adriana Lima

Adriana Lima

Adriana Lima

Is there another stolen tape with Adriana Lima posing?

There is still Amy Fisher and her scandal about an amateur video around, now it’s Adriana Lima making headlines.

The leaked video said to be released and circulating all over the Internet can never show more than we find about Adriana anyway.

She is a great beautiful girl, so is this the next big Celebrity Tape Scandal, if she does what everyone does? No…

Photo: Adriana Lima
Adriana Lima by: sislivadi

Adriana Lima has opened up about why she decided to move to Miami with her two children – Sienna Lima Jarić and Valentina Lima Jarić! “The Get the latest and most updated news, s, and po galleries about Adriana Lima Francesca est un mannequin brésilien née le 12 juin 1981 à Salvador de Bahia. En 2000, elle devient un Ange de la marque de lingerie Tags: adriana, lima, wikipdia, Adriana Lima - Toute l'actu Francesca est née le 12 juin 1981 à Salvador da Bahia au Brésil. Elle est con pour être une des plus belles femmes du monde et pte Tudo sobre : as últimas notícias, fotos e vídeos na cobertura exclusiva do EGO.

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