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Ingrid Marie Rivera was really pepper-sprayed

Ingrid Marie Rivera was really pepper-sprayed

Ingrid Marie Rivera was really pepper-sprayed

At the at the Miss Puerto Rico pageant on November 24th Ingrid Marie Rivera (picture) complained to police that her gown and bathing suit was sprayed with pepper spray, forcing her to apply bags of ice to her face and body in while she was off the stage.

Ingrid Rivera was not lying about being pepper sprayed: the police have now found who they think is a suspect – a pageant volunteer.

Rivera insisted that she did not make it up and this will only make her stronger for the Miss Universe Pageant in Vietnam next July.

Ingrid Marie Rivera está tranquila.

The police conducted many interviews and have come up with a suspect.

Photo: Miss Puerto Rico, Ingrid Rivera, shows no signs of swelled skin, hives, or redness during the final evening dress competition and the alleged Peppered Sprayed Dress.

Ingrid Marie Rivera was really pepper-sprayed by: ccookiemunster

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