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Jeanette Lee – The Black Widow

Jeanette Lee – The Black Widow

Jeanette Lee – The Black Widow

Jeanette Lee ‘The Black Widow’ will be featured by the billiards company LiquidWick in an infomercial advertising, in industry promotional initiatives and a new line of Black Widow themed signature cues called ‘Widow Master’

“LiquidWick and Jeanette Lee make a great match because we share the same competitive spirit. ‘The Black Widow’ gets her name from her ability to devour the competition. LiquidWick has a vision and plan to do the same,” said Rich Gustin, LiquidWick partner.

Photo: Hotter than a bowl of kim chi! 😀

Jeanette Lee – The Black Widow by: SpiceLux

April Jeanette Brooks (* 19. März 1987 in Union City, New Jersey als April Jeanette Mendez) ist eine US-amerikanische Wrestlerin, die bis April 2015 bei Home of the Green Eagles. Course Information for Miss Jeanette Marie Lee's Classes 80 Paris Road / Brantford, Ontario / N3R 1H9 / CANADA TEL: 519- 759-2318 April ; AJ : Nombre: April Brooks [1] Nacimiento: 19 de marzo de 1987 (30 años) Union City, va Jersey, Estados Unidos: Nombres Tags: april, jeanette, wikipedia, enciclopedia, Billiards tips: How to jump , " ," former #1 ranked billiards player in world, demonstrates how to jump your cue ball over anor ball April Mendez Brooks (née Mendez; born March 19, 1987) is an American author and retired professional wrestler. She is best known for her time in

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