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Anna Paquin

Anna Paquin

When Anna Paquin was young she starred in some small films like The Member of the Wedding, Amistad and She’s All That.

Anna Paquin made a come back with the role as Rogue in the X-Men (2000), X-Men 2: United (2003) and in X-Men 3: The Last Stand in 2006.

In 2001 she played on stage at the MCC Theater and won a Theatre World Award for her performance. In 2006 she executive-produced Blue State. Margaret was released by Fox Searchlight in 2007.

This year in July she got an Emmy Award nomination for her role as Elaine Goodale in the movie Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee.

Anna Paquin

Anna Paquin is the first millennial to have received an Academy Award nomination for acting, and the first to win. She was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Anna Paquin - Anna jest jedną z najmłodszych laureatek Oscara. Swoją statuetkę odebrała w1994 r. za rolę w "Fortepianie" (1993) Jane Campion, miała isn't afraid to explain her uality. The True Blood star recently stopped by Larry King Now where the mother-of-two clarified her ual Tags: anna, paquin, clarifies, sexuality, Anna Paquin - AdoroCinema é uma Atriz, Intérprete (músicas do filme) canadense. Confira a biografia, os detalhes de seus 24 anos de carreira e todas as notícias and s galleries, often updated with new and pictures and clips

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