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Brandi Passante in Storage Wars reality television series

Storage Wars is a new original real-life series of reality tv on the A&E Network. It was premiering in 2010 and the goal is actually to turn a profit on the merchandise.

Wikipedia says: Storage Wars has been renewed for a second season and is currently filming a twenty episode season. Bob DeBitetto, President and General Manager of A&E and BIO Channel, stated, “Storage Wars has garnered critical acclaim and has risen above the competition. Premium storytelling and amazing characters have set our show apart.”

Brandi Passante in Storage Wars reality television series

Brandi Passante in Storage Wars

In alphabetical order, the buyers are:

  • Dave Hester, “the mogul”, owner of a large thrift store, with a number of employees, and the best financed of the group. Hester sometimes drives up the bidding just to assert his dominance.
  • Darrell Sheets, “the gambler”, and his son Brandon. Darrell occasionally clashes with Dave Hester.
  • Jarrod Schulz, “the young gun”, and his wife Brandi. They run their own thrift shop, and have the least in the way of financial resources.
  • Barry Weiss, “the collector”. The oldest of the bunch, he is more interested in finding unusual items to keep.

Brandi Schulz is a very smart and beautiful lady. Its great that she is on Storage wars. She totally makes the show worth watching and should have her own show!

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