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Jodie Foster’s The Beaver Starring Mel Gibson

Jodie Foster’s The Beaver will be the first Mel Gibson movie to follow his most recent public meltdown, and after his proposed cameo in The Hangover 2 was quashed he will no doubt be hoping this helps restore his career somewhat.

Mel is one of the most hated men in Hollywood these days, thanks to recordings of drunken violent rants and his reputation as a woman beater, but Mel Gibson has an ally in Jodie Foster.

Jodie Foster’s The Beaver Starring Mel Gibson

Jodie Foster The Beaver Mel Gibson

The “Silence of the Lambs” actress seems to be able to look past all of Gibson’s faults to see what she calls a brilliant man, a beautiful talent, and a loyal, loyal friend.

Foster told press, “From the moment I met him, there was such a connection that I knew we would be friends for the rest of my life.”

Jodie directed and costarred with Mel in “The Beaver.” We work exactly in the same wayt. We’ve had so many conversations about the topics the film explores.

Gibson’s personal struggles were the very reason Jodie cast him in the role. “I knew he could relate so much to Walter’s struggles that there was no way he would play it as a comedy. That Mel’s character be dramatically consumed in this internal struggle was very important to me.”

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