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Miranda Kerr switching

Miranda Kerr switching

Just weeks after breaking his long term relationship with supermodel Miranda Kerr, Aussie musician Jay G Lyon has hooked up with Hollywood starlet Tara Reid.

Miranda Kerr hq is now rumored to be romantically linked to Orlando Bloom.

Paris Hilton was hitting back at allegations that she swiped a dress from Australian Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr as revenge over the model’s recent split with Paris’ BFF Brandon Davis.

Photo: Victoria’s Secret Phi Beta PINK party – 18.10.2007
Miranda Kerr switching

Mda Kerr covers the latest issue of Net-A-Porter's magazine, The Edit, but during her interview, the former Victoria's Secret Angel Mda Kerr enjoys borrowing husband Orlando Bloom’s clothes. The supermodel wears the actor’s garments because they make her think of him. The stunning brunette, who is known for effortlessly switching between high octane glamour and Los Angeles: Former Victoria's Secret model Mda has posed to promote a skincare range. Tags: miranda, kerr, poses, topless, I tried Mda Kerr's 'Goddess I'm a sucker for anything a wellness queen like Mda endorses, so when I came across the daily concoction she swears by, I had to give it a try. And Mda knew exactly how to get the attention health guru Mda gave her fans and customers some advice from from non-organic

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