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Jessica Paré in Shoe at Your Foot

Jessica Paré in Shoe at Your Foot

The beautiful Canadian actress Jessica Paré shot in 2007 the TV movie Protect and Serve with Dean Cain.

In the romantic comedy Shoe at Your Foot she is co-starring Justin Bartha, Melanie Laurent and Billy Boyd.

Jack (Justin Bartha) is encouraged to take the romantic Paris vacation he won.

His trip soon changes into chaos and adventure, when his luggage is swapped for the French girl’s Chloe belongings (Mélanie Laurent) who soon takes a liking to his belongings especially his shoes and sets out to find him.

The cast:

Justin Bartha – Jack, Billy Boyd, Jessica Paré, Mélanie Laurent – Chloe, Arié Elmaleh – Pedro, Maurice Bénichou – Receptionist, Eric Berger – Jérôme,Jackie Berroyer – Chloé’s father, Valérie Benguigui – Myriam. Yvon Back – Didier

Photo: Jessica Paré in Shoe at Your Foot by: spoill2222

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