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MISS WORLD 2007 in south China's Hainan province: Miss China Zhang Zilin (winner) Miss Angola Micaela Reis (2nd) Miss Mexico Carolina Moran Gordillo (3rd) Zhang Zi Lin of China is crowned as the 2007 Miss World in the finals of the Miss World Beauty Pageant…

Lucy Hale: Gracie Awards Adorable


Lucy Hale: Gracie Awards Adorable Enjoying a swanky evening out, Lucy Hale was spotted at the 36th Annual Gracie Awards Gala in Beverly Hills last night (May 24). The brunette beauty donned a snazzy gold dress as she struck a few poses outside the Beverly…

Micaela Reis 2nd in Miss World in 2007


L'angolaise Miss Angola Micaela Reis is the 2nd beautiful women in the finals of the Miss World Beauty Pageant. Miss China Zhang Zilin 'Zhang Zhi Li' is MISS WORLD 2007!! Miss Mexico Carolina Moran Gordillo finished 3rd (more…)

Elizabeth Ashley I love meeting crazy people


Beauty and model Elizabeth says on her myspace site: I love rock and roll, fast cars, chaos, and a good book... (www.myspace.com/elizabethiszesty) The music she likes is Motley Crue, Exploited, DI, Lower Class Brats, Guns n Roses, Subhumans, White Strips, The Adicts, Flair, Narcoleptic Youth,…

Teri Hatcher won ruling in lawsuit


Actress Teri Hatcher, the star of Desperate Housewives, has been fighting a lawsuit which claims she breached a contract to promote a beauty brand. In December 2007 Hydroderm Skincare was suing the 41-year old actress claiming that she was not promoting their Volumizing Lip plumping…

Miss Teen South Carolina – Awkward Moments List


Lauren Caitlin Upton became a YouTube sensation after giving a bumbling answer to a question during the Miss Teen USA beauty pageant. Miss Teen South Carolina made it on Time magazine's Top 10 Awkward Moments List at No. 9, for her comment about Americans not…


kisah beauty and the

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